Is an unusual photo booth for you?

Photobooths have been popular for a few years now, and its easy to see why!  The fun they generate during that period after your meal in what can prove to be a bit of a ‘lull’ in proceedings, is unsurpassed!  Young and old take to photobooth action and some fantastic and hilarious shots are captured as a result.

So what is the difference with Rosie, our photo booth caravan?  What does she bring that standard photobooths don’t?  She is definitely an unusual photo booth option, but why opt for unusual?

Unusual Photo Booth Photostrip

Fab and funny photos in our Unusual Photo Booth, Rosie (Click to enlarge)

All questions I can answer with relative confidence!  Rosie is not just an unusual photo booth, she is a focal point, an ice breaker and a ‘creator of buzz’, as we like to call it!   With her fantastic retro style she is attractive and cute, and something none have your guests are likely to have seen at a wedding before.   It is increasingly difficult to find something unique for your wedding or even party when so many of your friends have been there and done it before.  But a caravan photo booth?  That’s a talking point.  That will be remembered!

Standard photobooths are great, and Rosie won’t be right for every wedding, but if you are looking for a bit of an edge, something guaranteed to get your guests talking and laughing – lots – then I say opt for an unusual photo booth like Rosie.

Unusual Photo Booth Photostrips in Guest Book

Photostrips look fab in your guest book!




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