Yes, that is a quote!  George responded to our tweet to tell him how his Channel 4 series had inspired us to start our Caravan Photo Booth.

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A while back George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces series focused on some incredible ways that small spaces could be used and adapted to become totally fabulous.  Among the featured spaces were offices created in old tube train carriages, beach huts designed with more features than you can imagine and George Clarke himself transformed an old static caravan into a state of the art, open out holiday home for his own family.

Gary and I waited every week for the next instalment feeling more and more inspired each episode.  The clear favourite for both of us were the caravans.  There were gorgeous airstreams transformed into socialising pads at the bottom of the garden, a dinky retro caravan decked out in aluminium to sell ice creams from, it seemed the possibilities were endless!  We were truly hooked.

First we bought ourselves a caravan to use for family holidays, but we decided to choose a compact German design rather than a traditional style.  But somehow this wasn’t enough!

Gary and I have been wedding photographers for 10 years, photographing over 650 weddings between us.  Its an industry we know well and we have seen trends come and go, but two trends that look set to stay around are 1. vintage and 2. photobooths.  It seemed quite a natural thought process to think of putting a photo booth in the back of a vintage caravan.  Our family and friends didn’t think so, but we knew it made perfect sense.  We searched around for quite a while to find the perfect caravan candidate and found Rosie.

The rest, we hope, will be history.  Rosie is now a fully operational vintage wedding photo booth.  Its ‘BRILLIANT’ apparently.  Its already been booked for its first vintage weddings this season and we can’t wait to report back from her travels.  Watch this space…..



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