Spring fair season is upon us and we have 3 Sussex wedding fairs to prepare for in the coming weeks.

I thought I would share with you what goes into getting Rosie ready for the fairs and the weddings we have coming up.

Rosie has been under wraps since her last wedding of 2013 in November at Swallows Oast, near Ticehurst.  Thankfully we have had a cover to protect her from the extreme elements the south coast has been battered by over December and January!

This morning I have half unwrapped her (there is more rain on the way) so I can get inside and give her a good clean and dust.  That’s the first job.  Then I have to unwrap all of her cushions and curtains, to be re-plumped and re-hung.  A quick check of all her paintwork shows a few bumps and marks from all the fun of the last few weddings so with my pot of paint I can make everything tickety-boo again!

Finally I get all the cupboards restocked with pens, glue and all the little vintagy things that dress Rosie and with washed and ironed bunting, she is going to look a picture for the first of our three wedding fairs this Sunday at Fontwell.  Oh and there’s the small matter of a selection of new props that got delivered this week, which I couldn’t resist trying out!

Sussex Wedding Fairs - Caravan Photobooth




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