sussex caravan photo booth hire

Sussex caravan photo booth hire

Why not add something special to your big day and if you’re in and around Sussex our caravan photo booth hire is just what you need!

Whether you are planning a wedding, Party, or a work function there’s no better way to entertain your guests than with a photo booth. But why get one that gets stuck in some forgotten corner of the room when you can have one that makes a statement. Choosing a photo booth can be difficult and more often than not they are left to the last minute and become an after thought, so here’s some things to consider when thinking about hiring an outdoor photo booth like Rosie.

sussex caravan photo booth hire


Do you have a theme a colour scheme or a certain look in mind? Consider whether a traditional pop up indoor booth is really going to enhance the aesthetics of your wedding or event or if you want to create something a bit more memorable. It’s not just about the end result but about creating a mood and a talking point and something that fits in with your surroundings not encroaches on it.

sussex caravan photo booth hiresussex caravan photo booth hiresussex caravan photo booth hire


Check that you have access and that your venue has the space available, most of the venues we attend have ample outdoor space and with all the lovely courtyards surrounding some of the most beautiful barns, Rosie is always a welcome addition.

sussex caravan photo booth hire

Photo Quality

It’s also important to have quality photo’s at the end of the night and with Rosie’s automated system it means not only instant prints but proper photo quality from a digital camera already set up so each photo not only looks great on the photo strips but is uploaded the next day onto a gallery site where extra prints in varying sizes can be purchased. (Which is a great idea for Christmas and Birthdays!)

sussex caravan photo booth hire



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