Inside Rosie! – Caravan Photo Booth

What does Rosie the Caravan Photo Booth look like inside? Wonder no more…

Inside our Caravan Photo Booth Rosie, you will find the vintage charm of days gone by and a few extras to add some sparkle to your day

Whether its a barn setting or a field or maybe even the back garden as long as we have access we can get Rosie there She’s as cute outside as she is on the inside and every year we try and give her a bit of a spruce up and refurb ready for the next years Brides and grooms. We try to retain her vintage charm and keep the look as similar as possible each year with just a few changes to keep you all guessing. So watch this space as the photo’s will change to match her makeover

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Inside Rosie!- Caravan Photo Booth Inside Rosie! - Caravan Photo Booth Inside Rosie! - Caravan Photo Booth
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